Greenbrier River Optimistic Ukulele Players 

Hey! Welcome, and Hi!

We are friends who live in West Virginia, and in May of 2015 we started to meet and play and study music using the Ukulele.

We now have an active membership of 25 men and women. We meet in Lewisburg, WV, at Carnegie Hall, every Tuesday evening from 5 to 7 pm. (Yes, we are at one of the only three Carnegie Hall in America!)

We welcome all visitors and hope that if you are traveling in this part of the state that you might stop and visit.  

We are about 20 miles west of the virginia border, in the heart of the Greenbrier Valley, Greenbrier County, and along the Greenbrier River, near the Greenbrier Resort!!!

We are about 110 miles east of Charleston, and three hours south of Morgantown and the University.

Best way to reach us is contact me:

Bob DuCharme, bobducharme@yahoo.com